Cloralys jewelry manufacturing steps

1. Inspiration

I am inspired by a bit of everything. A shape, a color, a place, a material, an object... all of this can stimulate my imagination and my creativity in order to bring a collection to life.

I also spend a lot of time looking at current trends via magazines, the internet and social networks, but above all dreaming! Maybe that's the key after all.

I always record my ideas and inspirations in the form of a moodboard, which will become over the additions the common thread of my future collections.

2. Sketches

Once my moodboard is finished, comes the design stage. It's time to put on paper all the ideas I have stored in my memory. I then draw sketches for each model of necklace, bracelet, ring and earring with the imagined shapes and the desired dimensions. The first tracks were born!

3. Sourcing of raw materials

Then comes the longest stage in the creative process, the search for raw materials. It can last for days or weeks. It is during this stage that I carefully choose all the parts I need.

Cloralys jewelery is 3 micron gold-plated or gilded with 24k fine gold.

I then order samples that will be used for experiments, tests and volumes.

4. Qualitative testing and validation of prototypes

I then test the prototypes of each jewel: hand washing, shower, sport... for several days. The objective is that all the jewels that I offer resist the daily life of my customers.

It can happen that a jewel gets damaged or breaks, it happens, that's life! All my jewelry is guaranteed for 12 months, repaired or replaced in the event of a glitch.

After several days of testing the jewelry, I validate (or not) each model.

I take their picture, I give them your first names, I calculate their price, I write their product sheet and I establish a number of stocks to carry out for each of them.

5. Putting it online

Once my stocks are made up, I take care of putting the collection online on the website and communicating the news to you on my social networks. I particularly like this last part because it is the culmination of several weeks of intensive work!

This is the moment when I reveal to you everything I have been keeping for myself for days, but it is above all the moment when I am faced with your reactions and your feedback which are mostly very positive and benevolent.

6. Shipments

In addition to creating each jewel myself, I also take care of preparing your orders and shipping them to you as soon as possible! I usually post orders the same day but I prefer to state that all orders will be posted within 48 hours which can happen on busy days.

As you will have understood, being a freelance designer requires knowing how to juggle between several professions and always being at 100%, this is, I believe, the definition of passion!

Handcrafted jewelery made in the designer's workshop