Materials and maintenance

Water green and white necklace with golden details placed on a white jewelry stand

What materials does Cloralys use?

3 micron gold plating:

Gold plating is widely used in the manufacture of jewelry, but this term is often used wrongly and through. It is an alloy of metals, usually brass, covered with gold (between 14 and 18 carats) using an electrical or chemical process, with a layer of variable thickness in microns.

To determine the quality of a gold-plated jewel, we will look at the number of microns used (thickness of gold applied). The 3 micron gold plating used by Cloralys guarantees a quality that allows the jewelry to resist over time, as long as the jewelry is not in contact with chemicals or household products.

24k fine gold gilding:

Fine gold gilding is also used in the design of a minority of Cloralys jewelry. A jewel gilded with fine gold is covered with a thin layer of gold, but this will represent a plating of less than 3 microns. However, to obtain the fine gold gilt designation, the plating must be made with 24 carat gold.

Cloralys jewels in 3 micron gold plated and gilded with 24k fine gold have all been tested before they are marketed in order to withstand the vagaries of life. They are guaranteed for 12 months, repaired or replaced.

The stones :

Our jewelry is made of natural and semi-precious stones. Each collection has its specificities but I particularly like working with Hematite, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, African Turquoise, Dalmatian Jasper, Labradorite, Heishi pearls, Mother-of-Pearl, Tourmaline, Agate and Lapis Lazuli.

How to take care of your jewelry?

Gold-plated jewelery is more fragile than pure gold jewellery, which is why it must be cleaned with care and delicacy, using a soft brush and/or a soft, dry cloth.

I personally recommend storing them in a dry place (avoid the bathroom) and ideally storing them in their case or in a pouch.

It is also advisable to avoid contact with water (pure, salt, chlorinated), contact with chemicals and household products (cleaning products, dishwashing liquid, etc.) or cosmetics (perfume, creams, etc.) and to avoid playing sports with your jewelery on so that it lasts longer.

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