Who is hiding behind Cloralys?

Jewelery designer in her workshop in Bordeaux

"Before a jewel is born there is the imagination, the vision, then the hand that gives it life."

Behind Cloralys hides Chloé, a creative soul and a lifelong lover of pearls.

In plastic, wood, polymer clay, in the shape of a star, a heart or a flower, beads have been part of my daily life from an early age. When I was 10, I had fun creating bracelets and necklaces for my mother and her friends. I even had orders, and I loved it!

At 15 comes the transition to adolescence, I put my pearls aside to devote myself to my studies in Fashion Design, but they were never far away... 5 years later I moved to Bordeaux and I entered the world of the women's ready-to-wear business. And then, in 2020, I decide to return to my first love: creating jewelry. Cloralys was born!

Cloralys is a French brand inspired by the bohemian and ethnic worlds through fine, delicate, colorful pieces, worked and assembled by hand in small series in Bordeaux. Worn alone or in accumulation, Cloralys jewelry is made of 3 micron gold plated or gilded with 24k fine gold. The raw materials are sourced by my French suppliers and the plating is done in France. Concerning the packaging, the jewels are delivered in an eco-responsible recycled kraft case, just like our products.

Cloralys is an accessible brand with a limited stock to avoid waste. We also strive to apply fair prices all year round.

I hope that my passion will touch you!